Wish for Your Colleague for His Retirement

One of your colleagues is
retiring or leaving your company for new adventures? You want to organize an
unforgettable starting drink to wish him good luck for the future but you do
not know how to do it? No worries, we are here to help you. Here are some tips
that should help you organize a starter worthy of the name.

Warn everyone

The guests

Before setting a date and time,
make sure everyone is available. For this, nothing could be simpler, send an
email or a survey on several dates to your colleagues. Select the date that
suits most people and send a confirmation email. If you can, try to be witty or
fun to set the tone for the starting drink. Hire your colleagues to be
motivated and ready for a party on D-Day.

Date and time:

Traditionally, the starting drink
is done at the end of the afternoon to continue on an evening elsewhere. Even
if it is the norm, it is no longer the rule all the time so do not hesitate to
organize a breakfast departure pot, however, watch out for champagne at 10:00

In the office or in a bar?

The eternal question of events
between colleagues. Indeed, both have advantages and disadvantages, it will be
up to you.

In the office:

Plus: it costs less. Unless
you’re hosting the starter of the century, partying at the office will always
cost less than at a bar. Indeed whether it is drinks or food, the bill can
quickly go up in a bar.

The least: change the air. We
work there all week, when the evening comes, we want to change the setting to
clear our heads especially if it is to celebrate the departure of Sandrine from
the account.

In a bar:

The plus: the fiesta. Even if, we
are sure, you love your dear desk, the atmosphere and the energy of a bar is
not the same: music, everyone wants to party, in short, the energy n is not the
same. As an added bonus, you can more easily invite friends who are not part of
the company.

The least:

Beyond the price, mixing with too
many people outside the company can quickly make you forget why you are there
and quickly turn into an ordinary afterwork. Remember to celebrate Sandrine in
the rules. You can also get the best wishes for Styiens

Food and drink, of course

To drink:

As for drinks, alcohol remains
the rule. Indeed, it is an opportunity for everyone to relax at the end of the
day and celebrate a proper start. Choose beer or wine, we do not recommend
strong spirits to avoid embarrassing overflows. Also think of people who do not
drink alcohol by providing fruit juices and sodas.

To eat:

The simplest solution is to take
your neighbor to the office and go down to the local supermarket to buy aperitif
cakes, olives, sausage. But it is not necessarily the most dietary or tasty

Using a caterer:

  • Petit fours, surprise breads and macaroons is a
    good solution, but the budget and the organization time are not the same.

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