The Online SMS Options You Have Been Looking for

One of the
trends in the field of security and privacy throughout the different online
services corresponds to verification through the reception of text messages
(Google Play works in an automatic method. However, on more than one occasion
this can cause a problem for the user and so there are many alternatives, such
as the official website, to receive
online, even from the comfort of your computer. Here we
review some details to take into account.

You don’t have
to have a phone on hand or even have a real phone line registered to be able to
receive free SMS online from anywhere in the world, and even ignore different
limitations related to your geographical location. Of course, there are no
limitations on use and some security risks that must be taken into account before
using these types of online options:

What is the use of receiving free online SMS

On more than one
occasion one can have the two-step verification option registered when logging
in to a social network or online account / service, but if you do not have the
phone at hand, if you have forgotten it in home or you are in times of transition
between one terminal and another due to loss, theft or damage, perhaps this is
a barrier that you cannot avoid when accessing your account.

  • Likewise, it is probable that a
    person wants to create another account in a service where they have already
    registered their real mobile number, so the system will require including a
    different number in order to receive the validation SMS, as well as there are
    chances that one will not feel like reporting true contact with concerns about
    what future handling of such personal data will be like.
  • In addition to the popular
    social networks, and even security methods for accessing online bank accounts,
    it is sometimes possible that one is forced to receive a verification SMS when
    registering for less reliable sites or services, for what reporting the phone
    number could mean future calls and messages with business intent.

Last Words

In each of them
you can access dozens of online sites that do not require a payment of money
and that facilitate reading from the computer the SMS received in real time. It
is just a matter of accessing and choosing any of the available numbers.

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