Look for the Perfect Options for Decoration Now

Do you find that
choosing the right color palette (from the thousands of choices) to paint the
interior of your home is a complex and arduous task? Rest assured, you are not
alone. It is difficult to make a final choice when you do not know which
factors to consider. In addition, the small color swatches found in the store
are not always representative of reality. For the painters and
decorators london
you can find the best options.

Start by
checking which colors are trending right now. Now, here is what you need to
know to make an informed choice and some tools that can help you out.

Learn the terms related to color

Color circle to help choose the right paint color

  • Since research (internet,
    magazines, in-store, etc.) is the first step, it is important to know certain
    terms in order to be well informed.
  • The tint is what we commonly
    call a color (e.g. tint of red, tint of blue).
  • The intensity of the tint
    represents its brightness (light or dark).
  • Saturation refers to the
    dominance of the hue. By going from red to pink, the shade becomes nuanced,
    therefore less dominant.
  • The chromatic circle , in
    painting, organizes the 12 colors of the spectrum in a circle. Its main
    objective is to explain the mixing of colors, to help you identify the families
    of colors and to visualize the different arrangements and color harmonies.

Start by analyzing your room

Analyze the decorations of your room to choose the
right paint color

your first instinct is probably to choose the color for your room from the
start. However, it is advisable to choose your color after analyzing your room!
It is much easier to choose a paint color that goes with your furniture and
decor than to choose a decor that matches a color. If necessary, most hardware
stores can mix a unique shade of paint to match that of your furniture or a
reference decoration.

If you choose
the paint first, you may find yourself limited to a few fabric, decor and
furniture options to match your wall. On the other hand, if you base your color
palette on an existing product, you will be much more likely to obtain a result
that matches naturally. Patterned elements are particularly attractive option,
as they often incorporate several shades and can be used as the basis for your
entire color palette (for a neutral wall paint color, look at the whites and
beiges of the pattern) . Are you still lacking inspiration to get started?

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