Day: June 7, 2020

Smartest Solutions to the best Selection of Elliptical Trainers

Its use is very simple: the user
acts both on the pedals, in an elliptical movement, and on the handles that he
pulls with one arm and pushes with the other. Of course the resistance is
adjustable, to increase the difficulty of the exercise and to work your muscles
and the cardio more intensely.  Visit
for making your choices now.

To lose weight

The elliptical trainer makes you
lose weight, it is one of the most effective physical activities at home for
burning fat. One session burns between 500 and 800 kcal / h, which is 3 to 4
times more than walking. You can start with 30 minutes of elliptical cross
trainer per day, then gradually increase until you do 1 hour sessions.

To work on cardio

You will work the most important
of muscles: the heart. Cardiovascular training with the elliptical trainer is a
great way to strengthen your heart and improve your endurance capacity. A
well-trained, muscular heart pumps more blood into the body with each stroke
and provides more oxygen to muscles and organs, thereby lowering blood

To stay in shape and be healthy

The elliptical trainer is the
ideal cardio machine to keep in shape because it solicits the whole body but
gently. In a world where we are more and more sedentary, it is necessary to
have a voluntary physical activity to compensate for our lack of activity.

For rehabilitation

It’s very low impact on the joints thanks to a gentle circular movement makes it a highly recommended device for recovering from an injury. Being able to easily adjust the resistance allows you to start “easy” to gradually increase the difficulty to the rhythm of your progressions.

To build muscle

Make no mistake, you will not
have big biceps with an elliptical and generally it is not the most suitable
device for muscle building. However, if you increase the resistance and
intensity of your sessions, you can clearly build muscle in your thighs and,
most importantly, shape your glutes.

Effects on body and mind

Practicing this activity
regularly will allow you to keep a good figure throughout the year. Like any
other physical activity, it will greatly reduce your risk of cardiovascular
disease, improve your breath and gently unlock your joints.

But the elliptical trainer also
has a psychological impact: sport reduces the external manifestations of
depression thanks to the release of endorphins (hormones of happiness). It
brings relaxation and relaxation: ideal for arriving at the office in an
energetic but relaxed manner.

The advantages of the elliptical trainer

Machine less known to the general
public compared to rowing machine, exercise bike and treadmill, the elliptical
trainer is however often the most used in sports halls. It is no coincidence that
you know all its benefits. Here are some of the advantages of choosing the
elliptical trainer:

Play sports in front of the TV: Ideal for those who are not
athletic at the base, since it allows you to do your session by doing something
else at the same time like watching a series, listening to a podcast, etc.

Practice it raining or snowing: With an elliptical trainer at home
you are no longer at the mercy of the vagaries of the weather. No excuses.

A low impact on the joints: it does not cause any shock for the
joints, unlike running. The circular movements are smooth, the elliptical
trainer is also often recommended after an injury for rehabilitation.